All through my life I've annoyed the people around me by asking the question "why?". Whatever it might have been I've always wanted to know how things work and the reason behind things we're told. The answer "just because" is just not good enough for me. This is why I like science, where questions are explored and hypotheses tested. Together with an interest in the body and why it behaves the way it does this spurred me to become a Physiotherapist. My interest in the human body has always been closely connected with my love for horses and so I continued my quest to find out more about how the horse's body works and understand its behaviours and how both horses and humans learn. One of the fun, but also very frustrating, things about education and learning is that it never ends. You can always expand your knowledge, and as the saying goes "the more I learn, the more I realize how much I don't know.". The beauty of it is also that we can all learn from eachother. Some of us have more experience in one area, and others in other areas. Maybe my experience can be of interest to you.


I've been around horses for more than 25 years. During those years I've been a groom in the competition world, I've worked with riding tours, been a board member in several horse associations (e.g. founder of Swedish Camargue Horse Association), worked for horse breeders (Mas Boulanger), educated several youngsters and older horses, and for two years 2012-2014 I worked as a Riding School Manager and Riding Instructor (Holafors Ryttarförening). I started my business in 2009 and has since then given lessons and courses on a part time basis.


One of my personal traits is my eye for details and my high sensibility. This is both an advantage and a drawback in different aspects. I often notice things others have missed, but it can also be a bit overwhelming at times. It was probably this high sensibility that brought me to the rewardbased training with the horses. When I started using a clicker and treats to refine the communication between us it also gave us a whole new dimension to our interaction and friendship. It's now many years since I transitioned from pressure/release training to clicker training and I feel that I constantly learn new things that help both me and the horses have a better life together. I attend clinics, read all the books I can get a hand on and study what I can online. Taking part in discussions in various groups online and IRL also helps me expand my knowledge on the subject.




Mourven de Belugue

Camargue horse

Gelding (gelded at three years old)

Born 2000

sire: Gardon de Belugo

dam: Verouno de Belugo

dam's sire: Mars


My knight in shining armour. I found him "wild" in Camargue in 2003 and he has since then been a major part of my life. We've been down many roads together and he has taught me alot about life. We've explored classical dressage and he is schooled up to piaff and terre-a-terre. In 2010 he was injured in his paddock, where he fractured his short pastern on one of his front legs. He is now sound again, although he should not do too much jumping, or bucking... Since we started clicker training each other our relationship has reached new heights and we will see what the future might bring. He is still in Sweden and enjoys hacking in the forest with my aide at the moment.


North Swedish Draft horse

Gelding (gelded at five years old)

Born 2011

sire: Ene-Blacken 1923

dam: Ida 23114

dam's sire: Integral 1789


My little troll, who's been in my care since he was one year old. He is not so little anymore, but rather thinks of himself as the biggest and the best. Alfons is still in Sweden being looked after by my aide at the moment.

Tjaldur från Solbacken

Icelandic horse

Gelding (gelded at three years old)

Born 2001

sire: Hyreygur fra Smärslid

dam: Tvista fra Uxahrygg

dam's sire: Ófeigur frá Hemru


Tjaldur was my horse from 2009 to 2016. He has been a great teacher in clicker training and biomechanics. The clown of the herd, always looking for adventure.



The horse, this magical creature. What would we do without them? They give us joy, they bring us peace of mind, they bestow beauty to this world.


To be with the horses. To smell the soft fur just in front of the ears. To explore the world together with them. To laugh together with them. To drowse together and enjoy the spring sun. To move as one together, and help each other find a more sound movement pattern. To share day to day life. Well, to me that is what the life together with the horse is all about.


The horse, the herd animal that is adapted to eat for a large part of the day and move great distances. To me the most important thing in my life with my horses is to meet their needs of slow long term movement, the need to chew roughage or grass most of the day and the social needs where the horse can play and find safety with its group of other horses.


On top of this I want a healthy interaction between me and my horses. I can find it by watching their behaviour in the herd and learning about their language. Studying learning theory will also bring me closer to a clearer and more engaging communication with my friend - the horse.




Jan 2016.


Dec 2015.


Feb 2015.


  • Long series of private lessons on horse driving, with Hans Sidbäck.

Spring 2013.


  • "From treat to treat" with Eva Bertilsson and Emelie Johnson Vegh, Carpe Momentum.

Dec 2012.


  • Cognitive Behavioral Techniques in Physiotherapy, Umeå University.

Autumn 2011.


  • Studygroup on how to teach Long Reining, several courses and training with Piet Bakker.



  • The Horse's Behavioural Biology, Swedish University of Agriculutural Science.

Spring 2010


  • Horse Biomechanics and Anatomy, Swedish University of Agricultural Science.

Winter 2009.


  • Communication Skills (rhetorics) 1 & 2, Uppsala University.

Spring 2009.


  • Stakeholding and Social Learning in IWRM, (Environmental Communication), Swedish University of Agricultural Science.

Autumn/Winter 2008.


  • Several courses and lessons in Body Awareness, e.g. Feldenkrais.



  • Intensive training in Liberty Dressage with Win Vonck.

Summer 2007.


Summer 2007.


  • Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy, Göteborg University.









  • First year of Bachelor of Science in Biology, Göteborg University.



  • Divemaster in PADI (scuba diving)


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